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Roman Holiday


Roman Holiday

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caralho, isso é mesmo real?EDIT: infelizmente, não.

caralho, isso é mesmo real?

EDIT: infelizmente, não.

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"I have never been interested in exposing myself to media like architectural magazines and never felt it a necessity… I don’t want to have labels put on me and my works, like I am better or worse than this or that architect, because architecture itself is very pure and touches our heart."

Juliaan Lampens - House Van Wassenhove, Sint-Martens-Latem 1974. Scans from here, 2, photos (C) Filip DujardinJan Kempenaer.

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I’m sorry I’m not sorry.


I’m sorry I’m not sorry.

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lâmpada. luminária. luz.

lâmpada. luminária. luz.

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